“The Path to a Capital Campaign” session notes

Top 10 info nuggets from this session at HSUS Animal Care Expo (aggregated from my live tweets):

1. Planning for your campaign is key – it can take up to 3 years to get everything lined up

2. A case statement & feasibility study are vital elements of effective campaign planning

3. As part of your plan’s feasibility study, identify major donors who are highly likely 2 give

4. Develop a gift pyramid to determine how many prospects to approach for each level of support

5. Financial support from 100% of your board is critical in garnering new/increased donations

6. Your board should collectively contribute at least 30% of your total campaign $ goal

7. Develop a gift acceptance policy to avoid mismatched expectations between you & your donors

8. Make sure to develop a budget for the campaign itself in addition to the project budget

9. The largest gifts/60-75% of your total $ goal should be raised in the campaign’s quiet phase

10. A lasting benefit of a capital campaign is that it will help grow your future annual support

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