Among the many nonprofit organizations that must overcome significant fundraising challenges in today’s market are those that devote their resources towards improving the lives of animals in need — animals who typically suffer at the hands of abusive or negligent owners or within the confines of factory farms, circuses, and laboratories, or whose existence in the wild is threatened.  Even in prosperous economic times, only a small pool of funds is available for these organizations, as the majority of charitable contributions in the U.S. are made to religious, educational, and health institutions.

The goal of this blog is to provide information that helps nonprofits whose work improves the lives of animals to secure and leverage philanthropic support — particularly foundation grants — as effectively as possible.  More information about the genesis and purpose of this blog can be found in the welcome post.

Please be advised that the viewpoints expressed here are the author’s and are not representative of or endorsed by any specific organization(s).

Lion image in blog header courtesy of CoreLight.

2 Responses

  1. Good evening, thank you for devoting your bog to providing useful fundraising information to animal charities. I am the fundraiser for a Philippines based cat focused NGO, I would like to seek your guidance on where we can find grantmakers who would consider applications from overseas. There seems to be plenty of grant money available for animal welfare work in the USA, but grantmakers seem to overlook needs from the poorest parts of this globe where animals need help the most.

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