Summer Fun(ding Opportunities)

A few new funding opportunities have cropped up along with the summer vegetation:

  • Planet Dog Foundation is currently accepting applications from organizations operating service-oriented canine programs throughout the U.S. that train, place, and support dogs that help people in need, such as assistance dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, or police, fire, and military dogs. Grants will not exceed $7,500 per recipient, and preference will be given to programs that are able to creatively serve multiple populations or otherwise maximize the value of these modest grants. The application deadline is August 12, 2011. Planet Dog’s Web site provides complete guidelines and an application form.

  • Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)—a division of the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) devoted exclusively to auditing, certifying, and promoting family farms that raise their animals in a manner consistent with the highest welfare standards—is providing grants to AWA-certified farms, farms that have completed an application to join AWA, or slaughter plants that are working with an AWA farm and/or have consented to be reviewed by AWA. Grants must be used for the sole purpose of improving farm animal welfare. Preference will be given to projects with the greatest potential impact for improving farm animal welfare, affecting the largest number of animals, and/or resulting in the most significant increase in welfare benefits, as well as to projects that develop innovative practices that may be applicable to other operations. Grants will be made at a maximum of $5,000 each, and the application deadline is September 30, 2011. Detailed guidelines on the AWA Web site provide more specific information.

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is making emergency grants to qualified animal welfare organizations—either nonprofit or governmental—directly affected by and/or responding to natural or human-caused disasters in their communities and in need of immediate funding. Application guidelines are available on the ASPCA’s Web site.