Two New ASPCA Grant Opportunities Spring Forth

The ASPCA recently announced that it is accepting grant applications for the following programs:

  • ASPCA Adoption Ambassadors Grants: Through the ASPCA’s Adoption Ambassadors program, a shelter or rescue empowers volunteers to foster a pet, promote the animal in their community, identify potential adopters, and finalize the adoption process. Grant funding is available to eligible nonprofit and governmental animal shelters and rescues toward: 1) Establishing an Adoption Ambassadors program, 2) Meaningful expansion of an existing Adoption Ambassadors program, or 3) Innovative approaches to successfully integrating cats into the Adoption Ambassadors framework. Proposals must describe efforts to directly engage volunteers as foster parents and community-based adoption agents. Application deadline: May 27, 2016.

  • ASPCA Northern Tier Shelter Initiative Coalition Grants: The ASPCA is providing grant funding to local, state, or regional coalitions of organizations in Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin that are working together to dramatically improve and advance animal welfare in their communities. Grants will be distributed to those coalitions with demonstrated need, capacity to effectively absorb funding, and commitment and capability to complete the proposed projects. Open application deadline

Grants available to 501(c)(3) animal shelters & rescues for medical care of abused/neglected animals