Big Things Come in Small Packages, or I Repent

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I confess, I was a “late adopter” of Twitter. In his New York Times article, “Why Twitter Will Endure” (Janary 1, 2010), David Carr eloquenty captured the reasons behind my initial refusal to jump into the fray of what was clearly becoming a very hot trend:

…It would be hard to come up with a noun more trite than Twitter. It impugns itself, promising something slight and inconsequential, yet another way to make hours disappear and have nothing to show for it. And just in case the noun is not sufficiently indicting, the verb, “to tweet” is even more embarrassing.

Beyond the dippy lingo, the idea that something intelligent, something worthy of mindshare, might occur in the space of 140 characters — Twitter’s parameters were set by what would fit in a text message on a phone — seems unlikely.

However, as time went on I, like Mr. Carr, began to see Twitter’s value — in serving as a helpful filter for an ever-growing barrage of information and news from around the world, in facilitating dialogues between people whose lives might not otherwise intersect, and, in the case of the uprisings in Egypt and Libya that began roughly a year after the aforementioned article was written, actually changing the political landscape rather than merely providing a platform for discussing it.

I began my Lion’s Share Twitter feed on February 5, 2011 and have tweeted 69 times to date — 16 of which have been during this month alone.  It has been a wonderfully time-efficient, concise way for me to share relevant resources and ideas as soon as I discover them.  In marked contrast, this is my first blog post since December — out of a grand total of 18.

Given my severe time constraints due to persistently long hours required at the office, an epic commute, and some semblance of a life outside of work, I believe that posting blog updates that mirror my tweets would be the ideal way to a) keep this blog alive and b) deliver my information to people without Twitter accounts.  Tweeting is, after all, the most prevalent form of microblogging…so microblogging it shall be henceforth, at least for the time being.

I hope to roll out the occasional full-bodied article if something exceptional crops up, but in the meantime, posting primarily via Twitter will help me strike the right balance between preserving my blog and preserving what little discretionary time I can salvage.  Onward and upward!

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