Animal philanthropy field gets an early Christmas present

At the recent annual conference of Animal Grantmakers, an affinity group of U.S. foundations and organizations making grants to benefit animals, the Foundation Center unveiled its new data visualization tool developed to help Animal Grantmakers members be more strategic in their funding for animal-related issues.

Created with support from the Summerlee Foundation and incorporating data gathered and indexed by Animal Grantmakers and the Foundation Center, Philanthropy In/Sight: Animals is an innovative online interactive mapping tool that draws from two continually updated databases: one containing all grantmakers with a stated interest in animals or with grantmaking activity in this field, and the other containing all animal-specific grants awarded from 2003 to the present. In total, Philanthropy In/Sight: Animals shows data points for more than 9,600 grantmakers, more than 7,700 grant recipients, and more than 64,600 grants with a combined value of approximately $4 billion. This data reflects the full spectrum of animal species and issue areas, including: animal protection, welfare and rights perspectives; animal shelters and sanctuaries; spay/neuter clinics and other forms of animal population control; humane education, wildlife protection and injured animal rehabilitation; alternatives to factory farming; improved status for great apes; and minimization of pain and suffering to laboratory animals; among many other fields of interest.

Philanthropy InSight Animals screen shot

Philanthropy In/Sight: Animals enables users to create customized Google maps that pinpoint the locations of animal-focused grantmakers and grant recipients and to drill down for details about funders, recipients, and grants. The maps, which automatically reflect the latest updates from Google, display giving geographically by country, state, county, city, metro area, congressional district, or zip code. Users can overlay their maps with up to 150 demographic, socioeconomic, and other data sets to help them assess funding needs and programmatic impact, more precisely target their strategies, and map organizations within specific communities.

Philanthropy Insight: Animals has the potential to bring a tremendous new capacity to Animal Grantmakers’ constituents by enabling users to view, interpret, and visualize information in ways that quickly reveal critical relationships, patterns, and trends. It is available only to Animal Grantmakers members at this time.

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