Managing Gifts for Animals with GIFTS Alta

For the second time within a one-week period, my awesome co-workers are video stars!

MicroEdge, the company that makes the GIFTS Alta software package used daily by all of us in the ASPCA’s grants department to manage the organization’s huge volume of grants (more than 1,600 grants totaling over $17 million last year alone), recently shot a “micro-documentary” at the ASPCA’s midtown Manhattan location to illustrate how the software helps to streamline our work. The beautifully produced piece — which includes cameo appearances by a couple of office-foster pets — provides much-needed visibility for animal welfare funding among the ASPCA’s grantmaking peers. Animal welfare funders form a tiny minority within the broader world of institutional philanthropy; foundation funding specifically for companion animal welfare comprises only about one-third of one percent of foundation giving overall. The two-and-a-half-minute video, just released and linked to below, features commentary from the grants department’s vice president, Michael Barrett, and its grants and project manager, Olga Lech, PMP. Enjoy!

Alta video

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